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Neutral Axis Brake Caliper

The Neutral Axis Brake Caliper (NABC) is a new concept of brake caliper combining the characteristics of fixed- and floating calipers. In the NABC the brake pad is connected to the fork leg via a strut. Moving the braking forces outside the caliper allows for making it lighter, simpler (perfectly symmetrical) and open on the sides, thus improving ventilation and pad cooling. As a consequence, stronger and longer brake torques can be sustained by the caliper, eventually leading to replace twin disc brakes with single disc brakes.

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Brake caliper

Connection strut

Special brake pad




Separation of braking forces from mounting forces

Balance of forces (neutral plane)

Symmetric fork legs

Quick disassembly (no need for the removal of the calipers to change the tire)



Optimal pad cooling (no fading)

Reduction of unsprung masses

Opportunity to switch from 2-disc to single disc brake


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