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Mono Spring Fork

The MonoSpring Fork (MSF) is a revolutionary front fork, preserving the conventional fork behavior yet improving its characteristics in many respects. The single coil spring has a wire diameter/thickness ratio much more favorable in terms of spring dynamics; it can also be easily replaced to change the suspension stiffness (‘k’). Undisturbed by internal springs, hydraulics can use larger pistons and work free of friction; moreover, H-shaped beams can take the place of the springs, which lead to a lateral stiffness different (generally lower) than the longitudinal one. Last, but not least, the MSF scheme reduces the unsprung masses.

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Traditional (non USD) telehydraulic fork

Single, large diameter central spring

Additional clamp to accommodate the spring

Shaped beams




2*Off-the-shelf components

Same dynamic behavior of the bike

Low unsprung mass

Easily interchangeable spring (tunable ‘k’)

Independent choice of stiffness in the longitudinal and transverse directions



Inherently low friction

High sensitivity on front wheel

Free of chattering

Low weight

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