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Impulse Drum Charger

The Impulse Drum Charger (IDC) is a breakthrough technology for supercharging via a pump. Totally made of plastic and composite materials, it does not require any additional control element nor any electronic management, and it can fit any engine regardless of the displacement, scheme (2- or 4-stroke) and fuel supply (carburetor / injection). Increasing torque and fuel economy, it is good both for the riding fun and for the environment.

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Plastic casing

Composite membrane

Composite spring




0.5-0.6 bar charging

Inherently synchronized with the engine (no turbo-lag, no waste-gate)

Working temperature: 50 °C

(no intercooler needed)

No electronic management needed



Increase in engine efficiency

Increase in torque (especially low-end)

Higher fuel economy

Low cost


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